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Energy services for your business’s natural gas supply needs.

Simplified Gas provides procurement solutions and related energy services for your business’s natural gas supply needs.

After winter Storm Uri hit Texas in 2021, the natural gas industry experienced significant changes impacting both Suppliers and Consumers. As Suppliers seek to transition risk mitigation towards the Consumers, terms and conditions on new agreements have become a huge variable in considering the best value in the market.  Simplified Gas utilizes our unique relationships and industry experience to provide all of our Clients with more options.  Involving multiple Suppliers in an effective RFP Process provides our Clients an extensive overview of the market.  We are committed to providing a full-service platform, as it has never been more important for our Clients to manage their supply options than today.

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Avoid incremental supply cost line items
Mitigate risk with favorable terms and conditions
Take advantage of futures with fixed price options
World Class energy management